With all the talk about sustainability today, there is one area that has eluded the conversation: the pace of a person’s life. We seem to recognize that everything from economics to the environment need strategic and systematic breaks. And yet, American workers left 705 million vacation days on the table in 2017.

  • How many vacation days did you leave unused? How many days off did you work through? How much of that flex time did you ever reclaim?
  • Why? Priorities? Money? Your marriage is such a mess you can’t imagine going anywhere together?


Or maybe it’s something else. If you consistently skip days off, push through lunch and fail to close up shop on time perhaps it’s a trust issue.

  • Do you trust your teammates or staff to take care of things while you’re gone?
  • Do you trust your processes?
  • Do you trust yourself?


Slowing down is a key component to being the best partner, parent, leader, and human being you can be. We offer guidance on practices that will help you be more present, gain perspective, and renew your creativity.

Here’s the deal, you can’t sprinkle a little devotion into your hurried life and expect any significant spiritual formation to take place. There, I said it.

Here’s something you can do today:

  • Choose to stop three times today to breathe. (Yes I know you breathe all day long but try this at some point during the morning, afternoon, and evening)

  • Sit comfortably

  • Set a timer for one minute on your phone

  • Close your eyes with your hands in your lap

  • And breathe…inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, feel your chest rise and fall, feel the chair beneath you, and settle into a slow and steady rhythm

  • If your mind is overactive, just say “Thank you” once in awhile with the pace of your breath.