When you start to think seriously about pursuing vocational, physical, or spiritual health and growth, you quickly discover there is no shortage of qualified experts to assist you. Many, if not most of these professionals will enter into a personal relationship with you and skillfully help you set and reach your individual goals. Countless people have benefited from the process.

However, I contend that Jesus modeled something different. It is true that he called individuals, but he formed a community. It appears that most of his time was given to group leadership development and communal spiritual formation, often inviting his followers to take a walk with him.

He gave us a pilgrimage model for health and growth.

Everyday Pilgrim has adapted this model as a tool to strategically and intentionally challenge you in the context of community. You can form your own cohort of 8-12 or inquire about joining one that is forming, but all of them involve components that will stretch you physically, facilitate conversation, create space to reflect, and give tools to help you process the ongoing activity of God in your life.

  • One Year:
    • Three Long Walks: desert, water, city
    • Two Mini-Retreats
    • Ten Online Discussions
    • Ten Personal Spiritual Direction Appointments



Who would benefit from such a group?

  • A church small group seeking to build on their relational foundation for spiritual growth
  • Pastors and leaders of non-profits hoping to connect more deeply with colleagues
  • Business leaders looking for a different type of executive coaching
  • Young adults, college students, or students looking for a structure for their gap year


For more information or pricing, please email EverydayPilgrim.Darrel@gmail.com