‘Everyday’ carries with it both the connotation of ordinary and daily. A ‘pilgrim’ is a person who takes a sacred journey.

To become an Everyday Pilgrim means you and I, ordinary as we are, are committed to living each day with passion, intention, and devotion.

So the question is, “How does someone do that in a culture that is busy, noisy, and often cynical?”

By harnessing the white space on our calendars. Rather than letting others determine what those openings become we purpose them for daily practices and seasonal rhythms that give us fresh perspective, renew our creativity, and help us be more present. This cultivates our awareness of God, as we live in response to His love and grow in our devotion to Him.

On another level Everyday Pilgrim is an organization that seeks to provide resources, coaching, and experiences that will help people grow in the likeness of Jesus. For more information about the process please look here: A Pilgrimage Model for Health and Growth