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Advent’s Invitation


I wrote this poem in 2006 and I post it each year at the beginning of Advent…mostly for myself. By this time in the year my mind is often noisy. I have become impatient and entitled. I have been swept up into the pace of Christmas and it’s trappings. So read ahead if you’d like but today this is for me.

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Tis the season to celebrate His birth

Marking the moment when God became flesh

When the almighty was swaddled and bundled

Entrusted to a teenaged mother and a surrogate dad,

Nervous and humbled they took their place in the story.


Tis the season to make room for inconvenience

Opening the stable of my heart to Him

When permission is given and action is taken

To move around and clear out the clutter,

For the Holy One desires to take up residence in me


Tis the season to accept His invitation

Partnering with Him in His mission to set things right

When we work for justice and care for the poor

Steps ordered by compassion and generosity

Busy living His prayer of bringing heaven to earth


Tis the season to contemplate His return

Looking forward to the completion of redemption

With might and goodness and grace

A new reality is ushered in – a new heaven and a new earth

A new day has dawned – a groom returning to claim His bride


Advent is a narrative that beckons me to step in

Advent is a means of holiness that invites me to change

Advent is a lifestyle of passion that invites me to serve

Advent is a glimpse of life to come that invites me to hope


Advent is an invitation


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