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The Beauty of Simplicity


Yesterday I was reminded of something: There can be great meaning and beauty in simplicity.

Those people I mentioned in my last post…the ones that have been my connection to the Body…switched it up a bit yesterday. They had a friend in from out of town this weekend and so instead of doing the regular Sunday night dinner and discussion we met for worship yesterday morning. We gathered at a home, drank coffee, had breakfast while simultaneously helping and dodged energetic kids.

You’ve been in those rooms buzzing with activity, filled with smells and sights and sounds that cause you to smile unknowingly.

There wasn’t much of a plan. We knew we’d eat, Chad would lead us in a few songs, John would bring a homily, and that we would share in the Lord’s Supper. But we didn’t organize anything specific for the kids, a dozen or so who ranged from toddler to teenager. We didn’t have words to the songs other than the ones we could conjure from memory or pick up as Chad did his best to forecast. We didn’t know who was in charge at times. We didn’t do or have so many things that we often feel like we have to do or have to meet corporately.

Sometimes we get so focused on the elements of having a worship service, we miss out on worship.

As followers of Jesus, members of His Body, all week we are broken and poured out for the sake of others. Gathering together for worship is where we are put back together and poured into.

It can happen in large auditoriums with all the bells and whistles. If that’s where it happens for you, go for it! Embrace it! Pursue it!

However, it can happen in other places. Simple places. Unexpected places. If that’s where it happens for you, go for it! There is nothing wrong with you. One size doesn’t fit all.

For me I am finding it more and more in simple and chaordic places/times like yesterday. God was in the midst of us in that living room. And I don’t know if it was in spite of all we didn’t have and do or because of it, but He was clearly present. He was present in the breaking of bread. He was present in our songs of confession and praise. He was present in the teaching from the written word. He was present in the remembrance of His broken body and shed blood.

I was put back together and poured into…
…as a toddler danced
…as people wiped their tears
…as I sat on the floor with friends

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