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Chances are you checked your calendar this morning making mental notes of your meetings and appointments. You probably have an idea of what your day will look like. And if you’re like me, you don’t always welcome interruptions.

I was reading a story about Jesus this morning from Matthew 9. He was approached by a man whose daughter had just died. Grief mixed with faith¬†the man confessed, “If you come and touch her, she will live.” I can’t imagine the tension, emotion, and urgency of that moment. I struggle to relate to the pain that father was feeling. Matthew doesn’t describe it. He simply says, “Jesus got up and went with him.”¬†

If you keep reading Matthew’s account something happens before Jesus gets to the man’s house.

“Just then…”

…a woman took a risk

…a woman’s hope became action

…a woman exercised her faith


“Just then…”

…Jesus was interrupted

…Jesus saw the woman, really saw her

…Jesus welcomed her as a human, not an interruption


“Just then…”

…the woman was changed


She was changed because Jesus didn’t see her as an interruption to his schedule, an obstacle to get around, or a problem to be solved.

The people you and I encounter today (whether they are on our calendar or not) are not interruptions. They are human beings who bear the image of God. Some of them will take a risk, act on their faith, tipping their hand to give you a window into what’s really going on in their world. Will we see them, really see them? I hope so.

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