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The Three Most Underrated Messages

I meet all sorts of people in my job. Yesterday I spend most of the day with a film crew. Before guiding them around our community I spent an hour and a half with a gentleman who represents a cancer support organization.

At first it was a little hard to get a handle on what they do and why they wanted to meet with me. But then it became crystal clear. They are a group of fire fighters who encourage women battling cancer. Through their local chapters and tours around the country in Pink Fire Trucks ¬†they simply deliver humanity’s three most underrated messages.

  1. You are loved – The Pink Heals team works with family members and shows up unannounced with other local fire fighters to the woman’s home, work, or some other prearranged location. They deliver a bouquet of flowers and begin a procession line of hugs.
  2. You are not alone – The ladies are then invited to sign the Pink Fire Trucks and have their photo taken next to it. The trucks are covered in signatures of others on the same courageous journey.
  3. Don’t give up – This is a message conveyed to them by each member of the team.

At first I was struck by the passion, mission, and sense of urgency this man had. Then I was convicted…convicted by the fact that a non-religious organization was sharing the gospel so well. The message was clear. They attached actions to their words. They have no other agenda.

We can learn a thing or two from people like that.

Today you will encounter people everyday that need to hear those three powerful messages.

Or perhaps you need to hear them today.

  • You are loved. You are not alone. Don’t give up.

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