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Posted by on Mar 31, 2014 in formation, growth, leadership | 0 comments

Never the Same

Ten years ago this month I took a trip and the result: I was never the same.

A friend saw a single paragraph describing a 16 mile slot canyon which was part of a larger 50+ mile trek in southern Utah and northern Arizona. This would be my first attempt at backpacking. And so with borrowed gear  I stepped out into the unknown. However, there were two things I did know. First, that I could trust my friends who organized the trip. And second, that God wanted to do something in me that my normal routine often hindered.


Since that first step into the canyon I have hiked over 1000 miles with about 70 different people. And Larry, the one who guided us (kneeling in front) heads into the canyon with another group today.

“A pilgrimage, by definition is a journey of transformation; we are never the same at the end as we were at the beginning.” (The Well-Played Life, p27)

The pilgrimage I took through the Paria Canyon in 2004 was just the beginning of a much larger pilgrimage I’m traveling. One of listening, stretching, and paying attention. One of asking questions and taking walks. One that is simultaneously individual and communal. One that includes family and friends. One that involves leading and learning. It is a pilgrimage that continued yesterday in the beauty of God’s creation.


Have you started your pilgrimage?

Does it need a kick-start?

Call or email me and let’s talk?



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