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Everyday Pilgrim is in the business of eradicating hurry from the lives of leaders.

The popular moniker is true, “You get what you celebrate,” and as a culture, we celebrate hurry. We are affirmed for how much we can get done, how many things we can do at once, and how over scheduled our lives are. Everywhere we turn we are told busy = good. However, if we can pause long enough to reflect honestly we have to admit hurry doesn’t feel good nor does it feel right but with so many people saying it’s a good thing we start accepting a myth for the truth. 


Hurry severs us from our three core relationships.

  1. We disconnect from others because hurry pulls us toward comparison and unhealthy competition.
  2. We disconnect from ourselves as we seek validation by living hectic, unsustainable, and unfollowable lives.
  3. We find ourselves disconnected from God because we don’t take time to embrace our own worth as His beloved child.


Everyday Pilgrim is compelled to consistently ask you these questions and offer programming and experiences that help live a healthy, sustainable, and followable life.


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